Crime in Kayole Kenya (Gaza)

Crime in Kayole Kenya (Gaza)

Crime in Kenyan capital Nairobi has been influenced by what many call joblessness but to some youths they call it their job and a call. Kayole being marked as one of the hotspots for hardcore criminals has been on the headlines day in day out due to armed criminals terrorizing innocent people. The criminals have an organized way of forming groups and having a leader one of them being “Gaza” with a belief that Vybz Kartel a convicted Jamaican recording artist is their spiritual father and worship him like a god.

Detectives within Nairobi Metropolitan have been able to capture some hardcore criminals and put them behind bars while others have been killed after engaging police on a fire exchange. The criminals cooperate with their female partners who carry the guns for them. Their partners also act as spotters and hang in big clubs to prey for rich people and pretend to be sex workers only to alert their male crime partners who probe and steal from their “customers”.

Detectives have not been left behind to eliminate the female criminals who cooperate with hardcore criminals. Claire Njoki Mwaniki, famously known as Clea Adi Vybz was one of the first hardcore female criminals who faced the wrath of angry Nairobi corps. Clea and her late husband (Mwanii) (deceased) were responsible for many crimes committed in Kayole from 2015 – 2017.

Clea with the help of other Gaza group members were also responsible for dozens of police officers who lost their lives in the hands of hardcore criminals and eloping with their firearms.

The government of Kenya has introduced the Nyumba Kumi Programme where u have to know your neighbour and what he does for a living to minimise crime rate and terrorism. The Nyumba Kumi leaders are assigned a certain area where they solve small conflicts and ensure the security of the area by reporting issues that are a threat to the local and national security.

Security officers within Nairobi have made a step ahead to bring down Gaza but they sill have along way to go as other small towns criminals are forming crimes groups under the same name. Also still in Nairobi, the group is yet to down their tools as small elements still carry criminal activities under the name of the group and that means the police still need to tighten their laces.

The Police Boss Hillary N. Mutyambai has recently congratualed the men in uniform within the Nairobi metropolitan for their effort against crime and criminals. Mutyambai has also urged locals to cooperate with police in the fight against crime. Locals have been assured protection after reporting any suspicious incidence.