Effects of Electronic Gadgets to Children

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Electronic devices are of big help to many modern households however they can also have a negative impact on many children as well. As many households have access to the internet, this is a good idea for children to learn online and do some simple researches. However, it can also be of negative effect since the internet can also expose children to adult content.

Positive Effects

Electronic gadgets like Computers, Laptops, Ipads, Phones, Television, and Radio have been of great help in households to ease work, get information, and also minimized movement. Some of the Radio and Television stations have education programs for both children and adults which they don’t pay for. They also update us on the daily activities happening locally and globally.

Computers and laptops have made shopping easier where deliveries are made to the doorstep with just a press of a button minimizing movement and cost of transport. Livestreaming through laptops and computers has made work easier to communicate with other workers or employers while the two are miles away.

Computers are also used to make a living for millions of people across the world who work online jobs. They have turned homes to working places where you work at the comfort of your couch. They have also helped people to keep in touch with their loved ones even if they are overseas. Famous people have also been able to keep in touch with their fans through social media platforms and update them on coming events and also their social life.

Computers have enabled children to acquire motor skills in which are linked with muscles of small movements like lips, Fingers, writs, tongue, and toes. When they use a computer their fingers and hands get a workout. It one of health exercise example when using a modern keyboard, Keypads helps in creating muscles.

Computers have also improved cognitive skills that have enabled the ability to process information, Reasoning, remembering information, and relating different objects. For example, the games on computers such as puzzles or drawings of books can be done using the computer.

Computers have also played a big role in educating sectors, where kids can study online, do their research, Get more content on what they are studying. Computer develops their learning skills faster as they are more interested in gadgets than reading books. As a student, you will quickly have access to official E-libraries and consult materials to broaden your horizons. Hence, the use of modern gadgets has helped students develop skills applicable to their society today. 

Computers are also destruction in children, They are able to stop nonessential activities such as playing with other children, although no need to worry about the child because there is no risk of getting injured or harmed by these gadgets. Also don’t worry about any other major mess like painting a wall, disturbing others.

Computers also improve communication which aids the transfer of information from an individual to another individual. It is important in the family, business partners, and students as it helps foster a robust binding relationship. The use of modern gadgets for communication has also made communication cost-effective and convenient, For example instead of using Post mails through letters one can use Emails using their gadgets, and just in a few seconds, it would be received by the Receiver.

Computers have been able to improve Home and Office security such as modern cameras like HD masks that provide all the needed features for security. Many of these gadgets have enabled efficient security and the cameras have bee able to identify people such as thieves.

Computers have also reduced the cost of living and many of the electronic gadgets have proved to benefit saving both in the home and workplace. Devices such as thermal leak detector, power monitor and other energy-saving devices in have helped reduce the costs, thereby going a long way in reducing the cost of living. When you use such modern gadgets, you help achieve a proper cost maintenance culture.

buildings have systems operating independently, smart buildings use ICT to connect building … from conventional technologies, and how much energy they can save. … load detection to completely cut off power to equipment that is not in use. … also have lower installation and commissioning costs than wired devices.

Negative Effects

To Children

Exposing children to electronic gadgets can bring anxiety and a lot of excitement and even forget the main idea. Many children like to play games on phones, tablets, and computers ending up wasting more time which they can use it to read. Giving them a chance to use the gadgets to read may tempt them to play games when your eye is not on them.

Also since the internet can provide anything, children are at risk of being exposed to adult content. Also being on social media where people post everything they can really be exposed to different kind of life where they see celebrities drinking and smoking and may take it a good idea and even wish to try.

Parents should be monitored while using electronic gadgets and the internet too so as to access the information they are supposed to. Also, parents should secure their computers with passwords to keep the children away from accessing computers in their absence.

Computers play a large role in the health of the children, Due to the advanced technology when children use the internet there is usually generated radiation, especially with gadgets that are direct to your skin.

Computes and other electronic devices have brought to Environmental issues for instance when a computer is a scrap it is damped on the damping site it can contribute to pollution to the Environment.

These electronic devices have affected can cause physical and mental damage to children. When a child will likely to become overweight and develop seizure and vision problems when they spend too much time using gadgets. It can also bring to Headaches, Stress, Poor sleep habits, Eye Strain that may cause the ability to see properly and Physical Fatigue which is the inability of Muscles to maintain physical performance.