Home Remedies For A Constipated Baby

Home Remedies For A Constipated Baby
Home Remedies For A Constipated Baby

Constipation can be quite common in babies and young children, but it can be distressing for both the baby and the parents. A child who only polishes off bosom milk might not have defecation consistently.

Frequently, virtually the supplements are all retained. This is extremely normal. Truth be told, infants who take just bosom milk never become blocked up. The recipe took care of children, then again, may have up to three.

Or four solid discharges in a day, or have defecation like clockwork. In any case, ordinary defecation designs in sound children fluctuate broadly and are extraordinarily impacted by the sort of milk, whether or solids have been presented.

And what explicit food sources are being polished off. Understanding the potential indications of blockage can assist you with identifying a likely issue before it turns into a major issue. Here are some home remedies that can help ease constipation in babies:

  1. Increase fluid intake: Make sure your baby is well-hydrated by offering plenty of fluids, such as water or diluted fruit juice, throughout the day.
  2. Change formula: If your baby is formula-fed, talk to your pediatrician about trying a different formula that may be easier to digest and help prevent constipation.
  3. Try a different position: Help your baby pass stool by holding them in a different position, such as laying them on their back and gently moving their legs in a bicycling motion.
  4. Massage: Gently massage your baby’s tummy in a circular motion, starting from the belly button and moving outward. This can help to stimulate bowel movements.
  5. Offer prune juice: Prune juice can help to soften stools and encourage bowel movements. Start with a small amount (about 1 ounce) and gradually increase if needed.
  6. Try a warm bath: A warm bath can help to relax your baby’s muscles and ease constipation.
  7. Increase fiber intake: If your baby is on solids, try offering high-fiber foods such as pureed prunes, peas, or beans.

Remember to always consult with your pediatrician before trying any home remedies, especially if your baby is under three months old or if constipation persists despite these efforts.

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