How COVID 19 has affected Kenya Kenyan Communities – Cultures, Economy, Daily Activities and Relationship

How COVID 19 has affected Kenya Kenyan Communities - Cultures, Economy, Daily Activities and Relationship
How COVID 19 has affected Communities Cultures in Kenya.

How COVID 19 has affected Kenya Kenyan Communities – Cultures, Economy, Daily Activities and Relationship


Since the first case was reported in Kenya, the government has made several changes in public sectors like transport, schools, churches, market centers, and public gatherings. This is in an effort to fight and minimize the spread of the Corona Virus. Due to these changes, most of the communities in Kenya have been greatly affected in terms of practicing their culture.

Communities in Kenya have a rich culture where which is recognized nationally and internationally. Tourists from all over the world have been traveling to Kenya to see the culture of different communities and explore their lifestyle. However, since the arrival of COVID 19, things have changed. Communities they no longer meet for their traditional dances, bull, and cockfighting, circumcision ceremonies, pouring libations and wrestling due to the dangers posed by Corona Virus.

The Maasai culture has attracted tourists from across the world for their uniqueness and their love for culture. The community was getting motivation from tourists who came to dance with them and interact. However since the government of Kenya announced that there should be no gatherings, the community has been affected greatly to continue practicing their culture since their dances are organized in groups. Their circumcision ceremonies have also been greatly affected since dances were conducted to mark the beginning and end of the ceremony which involved the whole community.

Bullfighting among the Luhya community of Western Kenya has also been affected greatly by COVID 19 since it attracted people locally and internationally. The occasion which is presided by local politicians is one of the famous cultural activities among the Luhya Community of Western Kenya. The community gathers to watch and cheer up and after the winner dances and celebrations follow.

The government of Kenya has addressed and educated different communities through radio and television stations on the dangers posed by the Corona Virus and the steps that should be taken in the fight to minimize the Virus. The president of Kenya also urged different community leaders to assume their different cultural activities in order to keep everyone safe.


Many Kenyan communities have been greatly affected by COVID 19 economically. Most of them being, animal keepers, and small scale farmers, have experienced difficulties in trading their commodities to the market centers since the movement is now limited due to COVID 19.

They are also experiencing a drop in the price of most of their commodities since the buyers are not as many as they used to be. Those with perishable goods are forced to sell even at a loss to avoid greater loss. Also with many companies closing, some dairy farmers are counting losses without a market to sell their milk due to the closure of schools and other government institutions.

With the government also enforcing movement laws and restricting movements to the Urban centers, farmers have counted losses due to long cues on check-up points before reaching the market places. Many have opted to sell their goods locally.


Due to the current lockdowns of major counties in the country, many Kenyans were caught unaware by the lockdown and not able to travel back to their families. This has made many families go through difficult times after their breadwinners were caught unaware by the lockdown while in the cities. Some also young families are experiencing difficulties not able to keep in touch due to the lockdowns.

Families have canceled ceremonies due to the restrictions possed by the government on no public gatherings. some families also have been forced to bury their dead ones in the absence of other family members due to restriction of movements. The sick in the family who deserve care and medication have found themselves in a hard situation after their loved ones who come to check on them and give them hope are now in their homes following the stay at home order.

Most of the Kenyan communities who are bound by the shake of hand greetings have also found themselves in a twist just waving. With also the keep one-meter distance rule many have been limited in sharing their stories to close ones since with the distance a stranger might hear what they are saying.

Daily Activities

Daily activities of many Kenyans have been halted by the changes imposed by the government on the fight against Coronavirus. Many who are casual workers have not been able to go to their workplaces after movement restrictions leaving many families without food on their table.

Some activities like shows and movie shows have totally shut down with the government imposing strict rules on public gatherings. This has left many jobless and without any source of income.

With the cases of Coronavirus increasing day by day, many have lost hope on when to reopen their businesses unless the government loosens its rules on lockdown. Many have claimed that the economy is at stake if the government doesn’t open some of the sectors.