How to capture the attention of Learners in Class

How to capture the attention of Learners in Class
How to capture the attention of Learners in Class


This is what you need to know how to capture the attention of your learners and achieve the teaching objectives of the lesson. The first approach when a teacher enters a class determines the mood of the lesson to the end. The teacher is supposed to show confidence while in front of the learners.

With a firm voice and confidence, a teacher should greet learners first after entering the classroom. Without an exception, every learner is supposed to respond. Teachers’ personality also should be very likable to the learners so that they can build a good teacher-learner relationship.

The teacher should be tidy, smart, and disciplined to be a good example to the learners. A teacher should also be a role model and ready to listen to learners inside and outside of the classroom. This will build confidence to learners to help them seek answers on some of the questions they have.


A teacher should be well equipped and done researches on the topic he/she wishes to deliver. Lack of little preparedness will make learners lose confidence in a teacher if he/she is unable to respond to questions posed by the learners.

A teacher should also read ahead of the learners. This will help to familiarise with content before delivering it to learners. This will make sure every learner is attentive as the teacher is taking control of the class.


The teacher is supposed to use tonal variation from time to time to keep the learners alert and attentive. Talking in a low voice will make learners get bored since some cant to follow the lesson fully. A loud voice will also make learners uncomfortable and scared.


A teacher is supposed to involve learners in class in order to keep them later. This can be done through;

  • Oral Questions
  • Simple tests
  • Doing exercises, marking them, and making corrections.

Sharing of samples and doing activities within the classroom should be distributed equally for every learner to get a chance to do it and participate fully.


The teacher is supposed to reach every learner in a class by moving from front to back left to right and center to ensure that every learner is following and doing what the teacher is asking them to do.

A teacher should not allow any learner to get out while the class is going on. Movement within the classroom should also be minimized unless when asked to by the teacher.

What makes learners lose attention

There are different things that make a learner to lose attention in class, they are;


Having had many classes, a learner can be bored due to overworking his/her mind. Also, learners can be bored when what is being taught is beyond or lower than their level. Teaching what is beyond their knowledge level will make them even lose interest in the class. Teaching what is below their knowledge level will seem soo simple and predictable to them and seem to know everything and stop following the lesson.

A teacher’s voice should also vary to keep the learners alert. Low voice from a teacher will make learners bored with many not in a position to follow what he/she is saying. A teacher is supposed also to use different teaching techniques to keep learners alert.

Peer Pressure

Some learners will dislike a certain topic, subject or a teacher due to their peers who told him/her how hard a topi is, how bad a teacher is, or how a subject is boring. Without even the knowledge of anything, a learner may lose interest in a certain subject or topic due to peer pressure.

A learner will also lose concentration in class due to peers who may joke around during the class time. This kind of peer pressure from classmates will make a learner miss important content from the teacher which may cost him/ her in exam time.

Lack of enough preparedness by the teacher

Teachers with little knowledge on a certain topic will make learners lose attention. This happens when the learners seem to have more knowledge about a certain topic than the teacher. When learners keep posing questions to the teacher and he/she is unable to respond to them correctly, this will make learners lose attention.

A teacher is supposed to study the topic ahead and set the topic objectives in advance. The teacher is also supposed to do research on the topic to ensure that he has filtered what is good for learners and have a wide knowledge of the topic.

The teacher is also supposed to teach from what the learners know what they don’t know. This will prepare their mind in terms of thinking and brainstorming rather than introducing a new topic directly and minimize their participation in class.

Family Issues

Some learners who come from needy families or violent families have a problem in concentration and quickly lose attention in class due to having a lot in their minds to digest. A learner who’s parents fought in her/his presence will not concentrate in class and might affect the performance of that learner.

Also, learners who come from needy families who come to the class empty stomach will find it hard to concentrate in class. Learners who come from drug trafficking families may lose concentration due to exposure to drugs and drug-related crimes.


Some learners might have health problems that are hindering them to fully conentrating in class due to pain or feeling uncomfortable from a certain health condition. This will make the teacher focus on those learners alot to make sure that they dont miss anything and also give them equal opportunities to participate in class so thatthey can feel appreciated.

The teacher is also supposed to make a followup with leraner’s parents to know how the condition is and esnsure the leaner goes through medication process. Also learners with other special needs need to b eprotected inside and outside of class from bullyng due to their conditions in oder to concentrate with their studies.