How To Help A Choking Baby

How To Help A Choking Baby
How To Help A Choking Baby

If you suspect that a baby is choking, it is important to act quickly and calmly to help them. A baby who is choking will be unable to cry, cough, make any noise, or breathe. Here are the steps you can take to help a choking baby:

  1. Assess the situation: If the baby is coughing or crying, it means their airway is partially blocked, and they may be able to clear it themselves. If the baby is not making any noise or has a weak cry, it indicates a more serious blockage, and you need to intervene immediately.
  2. Hold the baby face-down on your forearm: Support the baby’s head and neck with one hand and use the other hand to give firm, but gentle, blows between their shoulder blades.
  3. Check their mouth: After a few back blows, turn the baby face up and open their mouth. If you can see the object causing the blockage, remove it with your finger. If you cannot see anything, do not stick your finger in their mouth, as this may push the object deeper.
  4. Give chest thrusts: If the back blows do not dislodge the object, turn the baby face up on your forearm, supporting their head and neck with your hand, and give up to five chest thrusts. Place two fingers in the center of the baby’s chest just below the nipple line and push down firmly.
  5. Repeat: If the object still does not come out, repeat the cycle of back blows and chest thrusts until the object comes out or emergency services arrive.
  6. Call 999 if the blockage does not dislodge; Go on with patterns of back blows and chest pushes until the blockage removes, help shows up or the child becomes lethargic. On the off chance that you can’t call 999, get another person to make it happen.

Remember to remain calm and call for emergency services if you are unable to remove the object causing the blockage. It is also essential to take a first aid course to learn these techniques properly.

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