Lisa Desjardins | PBS Bio, Age, Husband, Salary, Net Worth, Book


Lisa Desjardins Biography

Lisa Desjardins is a well-known television journalist from Hawaii currently working at the PBS NewsHour as a correspondent. Previously, she was working for the Associated Press and CNN Radio.

Lisa Desjardins Birthday

Lisa Desjardins is 49 years old as of 2021, born on January 29, 1972, in Hawaii, in the United States.

Lisa Desjardins Photo

Lisa Desjardins Photo

Lisa Desjardins Family

Desjardins was brought up in Annandale, Virginia where her father is a retired Navy and later on, as a college teacher.  She is the only child of her parents and loved to be around her mother often even at her workplace at a call center.

Lisa began showing signs of being a reporter at an early stage where she would often investigate the drama in the call center. She is also a wife and a mother of one child, a son.

Lisa Desjardins Husband

 Desjardins is married to her long-term fiance Jason Desjardins since 2007. The two are parents of their son who was born in 2016. The family lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Lisa Desjardins Salary

Desjardins receives an annual average salary of $120,000 according to the annual average salary of a journalist at PBS NewsHour.

Lisa Desjardins Net Worth

Desjardins has an estimated net worth of $2 million U.S dollars. Credits to her career as a journalist which is the primary source of her income.

Lisa Desjardins Education

Desjardins is a bachelor’s degree holder in the economics class of 1994, from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Desjardins went to further her studies in Saint Petersburg in Russia at Herzen University for two years.

Also in 1997, Desjardins went to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism where she received her Master of Science degree in journalism.

Lisa Desjardins Career

Desjardins is currently working as a Correspondent at PBS NewsHour. She has been with the station for more than five years, from Oct 2014 to date. She is responsible for the coverage of all things politics and policy. Desjardins is also responsible for day-to-day reporting and coverage of the 10,000-foot view of government and agencies.

Before joining PBS, Lisa had spent nine years as Senior Correspondent and a Capitol Hill Reporter at CNN and CNN Radio from Sep 2005 to Aug 2014. At CNN, Lisa was responsible for the coverage of U.S. Congress, politics, and policy in America. She was also responsible for breaking news and advancing national stories. She also reported on non-Washington national and international stories.

Before that, Lisa was working as a Newswoman at Associated Press for more than two years, from Apr 2003 to Sep 2005. She was reported and supervised the national radio network and print reporting for Washington, DC metro desk. Lisa also worked as a Political and State House Reporter at WIS-TV for almost four years, from Oct 1999 to Apr 2003. She was responsible for covering politics and government in South Carolina.

Before that, Lisa was a Freelance Reporter at Reuters News Agency a position she held for almost four years, from Aug 1999 to Apr 2003. Her role was printing freelance reports in South Carolina for the national news agency. She was also a Freelance Reporter at The Sun News for four months, from Jul 1999 to Oct 1999. She also worked as a Reporter at WBTW-TV a position Lisa held for more than a year, from Feb 1998 to Jun 1999.

Lisa Desjardins Controversial CNN Exit

Desjardins was let go by CNN in August 2014 where the company cited it was undergoing restructuring. She came out to address the situation concerning her exit to social media. She accused the CNN bosses of firing her because she was a redhead. Lisa added that the company lacked ‘gingers’ in the office and called for more diversity.

The Capita Insurrection 

During PBS NewsHour’s special coverage of the Electoral College certification, the political correspondent called in to report that pro-Trump rioters had broken into the Capitol. She gave a play-by-play from the Capitol grounds as the insurrection intensified and a mob crushed with the police and broke into the building.

After reaching the House chamber’s balcony, Lisa used her work cell phone to Skype about the incident. As she was approaching the house members, police shouted at her to stay down as they secured the area. Desjardins identified herself to the police as a member of the press, the officer told her to move with members of Congres.


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