Mike Oliver (Mzungu Fisi) Bio, Age, Country Names of Women he slept with

Mike Oliver (Mzungu Fisi)
Mike Oliver: Notorious Mzungu Man Releases Season 2 Of Kenyan Women He Has  Slept With(Photos). - 411Kenya

Mike Oliver Biography

This is what you need to know about Mike Oliver, who has been trending recently in Kenya and across East Africa for the wrong reason. Now nicknamed “Mzungu Fisi” (women eater) has had a good time in Kenya as a tourist but his visit to the country has left many hearts and families broken.

Without the looks most of the women would fall for, Mike knew what he wanted to attract Kenyan women, Money. Being in the middle of a pandemic (COVID 19) and most of the Kenyan girls had lost jobs, this was the perfect bait. He moved from one club to another with different women and would take a picture with each one of them which shows that he had a motive.

A fews days after flying back to his country, Mike made his motive clear by posting some of the pictures of the women he slept with, married, single, married but loose etc.. Mike wanted to prove a point that Kenyan women are loose, cheep and love money and definaltely he got the answer he wanted. Some of Kenyan men could not believe waking up to a surprise seeing their loved ones exposed on social media with their pictures with Mike Oliver.

Oliver who is said to be HIV Positive has left many he has slept with and their families broken since most of them have contracted the deadly virus. In an effort to reach him to comment on the issue, Mike said that he had a motive that one of his friends had told him that Kenyan women are loose and he came to prove a point.

Today I agree with my friend’s assertion In fact loose is understatement of what these women are. Just show them a dollar and you’ll see them shake A dollar melts them like ice in summer Perhaps my skin colour to excites them.

Kenyan women who now claims the Mzungu took advantage of them wanted the Kenyan government to errest him. Mike Oliver did not go silent on this and in resoponse, this is what hje said,

“Today I’m surprised some people want me arrested..For which crime? Spending my own money? Having good time with cheap women? Or posting photos of us? Oh no Kenyans, It’s willing buyer, willing seller deal I forced no one, I raped no one I just showed them a dollar. My aim of posting those few photos wasn’t to hurt anyone.I just wanted to show you how cheap your women are. Even those who call themselves “independent” women
Have you ever asked yourselves where they get their independence from?”

Mike added that he is yet to post all the pictures and the videos of the women he slept with, anchorsdata.com will keep u updated.

Below are the pictures of the Women Mike Oliver has slept with

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