Review Of All the Light We Cannot See (2023) Neflix Movie

All the Light We Cannot See, based on the beloved novel, is a highly acclaimed story that has captured the hearts of many. Although I haven’t personally read the book, approaching the series with fresh eyes allows for a unique perspective.
And based on what I’ve heard, this adaptation does justice to the original story.
The book allows the emotions to flourish in such a way that Shal Levy’s attempt to make it more cinematic may take away some of that emotion.
While watching the series, I felt that it lacked emotional depth. However, this does not take away from the great performances and overall good vibe of the show. The story revolves around a 12-year-old girl named Mauie.
And her father fled to her reclusive great-uncle’s house during the Nazi occupation of Paris. They carry a valuable and dangerous jewel that many people are after.
Although the importance of the jewel is emphasized in the series, I found myself more invested in the human emotions and relationships displayed than in the jewel itself.
The protagonist of the show is someone who is willing to take risks despite being exposed to negative information. He is determined to do what is right, which is what makes him captivating.
However, the creators of the show seem to have shifted the focus towards action, which caused the show to lose its emotional resonance. The book, on the other hand, seems to prominently display the emotional aspect of the story.
I have another Netflix series to recommend, Arya Mia Libert. The creators went to great lengths to find a young and older actress to play the blind main character, which adds a unique element to the show.
Despite the actress’s lack of experience, she delivers an amazing performance. While the show occasionally prioritizes the experience over the characters, it is well-made, with a great score by James Newton Howard.
However, as the story becomes more grand, the focus on the characters starts to slip away, which is a shame because of the relationships between the characters, particularly the father-daughter relationship.
Are what make the show truly compelling. Despite being only four episodes long, each episode is still an hour in length. The series had potential with its lengthy binge format but lacked creativity in its storytelling.
While the story resonated with me, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing from the four episodes. Perhaps it was something from the book or another factor altogether.
 Despite some flaws, this Netflix series still manages to deliver strong emotions and a great lead performance. The cast is also impressive, and the score is noteworthy.
However, the show falls short of being truly captivating, and some elements don’t quite come together as well as they could have. Overall, it’s a decent watch, but not a standout.