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 Bosch Legacy
Bosch Legacy
In today’s entertainment rundown, I will be reviewing the spin-off series “Bosch Legacy.” As a fan of the original “Bosch” series, I was thrilled to hear about this continuation.
The new series follows the same beloved characters, with Titus Welliber reprising his role as Harry Bosch, now a private investigator. It is available on Amazon’s freebie platform, formerly known as IMDb TV, although it does have commercials.
The storytelling, influenced by Michael Connelly, remains captivating, and the characters are richly drawn. While I won’t spoil any surprises, there are unexpected appearances from characters from the original series.
Personally, I loved this series and eagerly await the next installment. I scored it 8 out of 10 and highly recommend it to fans of detective thrillers.
Bosch Legacy is a continuation of the popular Amazon Prime series Bosch, which was originally written by Michael Connelly.
Connelly still contributes to the writing of the episodes, along with creator Tom Bernardo. If you enjoyed the original Bosch, you will also love this series as it carries on the story.
The characters from the original series make a return, although some do not appear again. One notable addition is Mimi Rogers, who plays a lawyer with a more prominent role in this series.
Too, Matt Lince and his daughter are introducing Stephen A. Chang as their tech guy. This is because Yo Bosh is no longer on the force and has become a private detective.
This transition allows for a lot of the extra cop drama that was missing from the previous ones. However, in this installment, the focus is mainly on the rookie duo of Mass and Lymph.
While their story is important, the other part revolves around Bosh being hired by a billionaire to find any living descendants. This leads him on a journey, but as he gets closer to the truth, his company tries to hinder his progress.
Additionally, Mimi Roger, a lawyer from the previous season, continues her pursuit of the person who orchestrated her near-assassination. There is certainly more drama to unfold this season.
There is a significant amount of content in the show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It provides a lot of fun and mystery, with elements of thrillers and police procedural dramas.
While it shares similarities with the regular Bosch series, it manages to eliminate some of the less enjoyable aspects of the show. The main story revolves around a rapist who cuts screens and assaults women.
 The different storylines are interconnected and given enough room to breathe, making for an engaging viewing experience. Even if you haven’t seen any of the other Bosch series, this show is still worth watching.
However, it might be a good idea to start with the first season of Bosch to get a better understanding of the characters and their relationships. Overall, I highly recommend this show to fans of crime dramas.
This is a comprehensive review of the entire season of Bosch Legacy, which is a spinoff and sequel series to the original Amazon Prime series, Bosch. The show is now airing on Freebie and features Titus Wolaver reprising his role as Harry Bosch, Madison Wins returning as Maddie Bosch, and Medium Rogers returning as Money Chandler.
It’s worth noting that Money is just a nickname for Chandler, and the show is still owned and produced by Amazon, despite airing on Freebie. While I consider this a sequel series rather than a spinoff, I highly recommend watching the original Bosch series before diving into this one.
Although it picks up a few months after the original series, it’s still important to have that background knowledge. The conclusion of the original Bosch series is still impressive and maintains the same intense vibe and feel that are important to fans.
The new series feels more like season eight or nine, but it is essentially the same series with Bosch no longer in the LAPD. Despite this, the returning characters make it clear that it is a continuation of the original series.
However, the release model of a few episodes each week is not preferred by some fans, who would rather have the Netflix model of releasing all episodes at once.
If you plan on spacing out the episodes, I’ll just wait until the end of the season to binge-watch all 10.
I prefer binge-watching over trying to keep up with appointment viewing. I understand why they release episodes weekly to keep users coming back to the app, but let’s be honest, once the initial hype dies down, people won’t use the app as much because there isn’t much content besides a few shows.
However, I do appreciate that they released the show on Amazon Prime Video as well. Overall, my only complaint is the release schedule. The show itself is great, and I’m excited for season two, which will continue the story of the Lincoln Lawyer and Bosch Legacy.
The characters Harry Bosch and Mickey Holler, who are half brothers, exist in the same universe, and it will be highly enjoyable to see them cross paths. If you have already watched the original Bosch series, then it is definitely worth watching.
However, if you haven’t seen the original series, I recommend watching it first before diving into this one. Regardless, it is still a fantastic show that my mom and I enjoyed together.
It is a classic crime drama and, in my opinion, the pinnacle of Amazon Studios’ TV productions. Bosch is what put Amazon Studios on the map for many people, and its legacy continues in this new season.
Just keep in mind that it builds upon the previous seasons, so it’s essential to watch them to fully appreciate the new season. Overall, it is a top-notch show with excellent cinematography, although the music theme is forgettable.
Fortunately, you can skip the intro on the freebie shows. Three of the main characters from Bosch have returned to anchor down Bosch’s legacy. I appreciate and enjoy that.
Titus Welliver has not grown tired of the role because, to me, he is Harry Bosch. He narrates the audiobooks, so now when I think of Harry Bosch, I envision him in both audiobook and television form.
Titus Welliver embodies the character perfectly: gruff, scruffy, and hard-nosed. Bosch is still relentless, like a dog with a bone, unwilling to let anything go. 

This season follows the storyline of the book “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” for the most part. However, it also has its own off-shoot storyline. It’s definitely worth watching, especially for those who have read the book.

It still maintains the essence of the original story, so it may feel familiar to readers. Before I continue praising it, I want to mention that it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Despite its familiarity and return to form, it remains thrilling and captivating. Discover the immense joy that awaits you when you embark on the knuckle-throw ride, ensuring an unforgettable and immensely pleasurable experience.