Review Of The ‘Ballerina’ Movie

The 'Ballerina' Movie
The ‘Ballerina’ Movie

After relentless efforts, Oju managed to trace Chef Jooy. Following his car, she eventually broke into his house, where she stumbled upon a cupboard filled with sexual instruments.

And numerous pen drives containing explicit videos he had recorded with different women. It appeared that Chef Jooy was involved in selling these videos on the black market, earning a substantial amount of money.

Among those videos was one featuring Mini, which ultimately led to her untimely demise. The next day, Oju cunningly showed interest in Chef Jooy at a club, leading him to a hotel where he attempted to drug and record his sexual encounters.

However, Oju cleverly feigned unconsciousness and swiftly attacked him when he least expected it. Managing to escape the hotel unharmed, Oju left Chef Jooy alive to face the consequences of his actions.

In the climactic scene, U launches a full-scale attack on the gang, killing their leader and his men before seeking out Choy. After a fierce battle, she sets him on fire as revenge for Min’s death.

Despite the possibility of the surviving gang members seeking revenge in the future, U finds peace in knowing that she has accomplished her mission. She returns to Choy’s house and likely destroys all the pen drives, granting the victims their freedom.

She also discovers a diary in Choy’s cupboard, which reveals the pickup times and locations of all the girls. While some may have aspired to be fish in their next life, for us, U represents both a ballerina and a fish.

The fish’s streamlined motion and the ballerina’s grace and swiftness both represent freedom and liberation. Minnie always felt liberated when she saw a fish overcoming obstacles in its path, just like a ballerina.

At the end, Ojo is now free to be a fish in the sea, just like the ballerina. Interestingly, fish are referenced multiple times in the movie. In the beginning, Oku walks by many aquariums on his way to Min’s house.

Later, when Okju visits Min’s house, she overhears him planning to go fishing, which symbolizes finding his next prey. Fishing is associated with something negative in this case. Later, U walks over to the aquarium and remembers Minnie’s wish to become a fish before choosing her outfit for the night.

I wanted to recommend a new movie on Netflix called “Ballerina.” It’s a Korean film that revolves around Okazu, a former bodyguard who now works at a ballerina company.

She forms a strong friendship with a girl there, but tragedy strikes when the girl is murdered. Okazu seeks revenge and begins investigating the murder, eventually discovering a group of billionaires involved.

This action-packed movie has a strong female lead, and the action scenes, particularly the hand-to-hand combat, are well executed. The emotional impact is heightened as we sympathize with Okazu’s loss and uncover the disturbing reasons behind the crime.

In this movie, the storyline revolves around Ki seeking revenge on the people who victimized her. The movie is intense, and the fight scenes are believable, despite Ki being a small person.

She manages to take down all the villains due to her training. The villain’s storyline is also intriguing. While some may compare it to a John Wick-style movie, it stands out as different, and personally, I found it quite unique.

The movie is divided into three acts, with the first focusing on Ki and her background, while the middle act is In the third act, she discovers information about the killer and then proceeds to pursue them.

I particularly enjoyed the action scenes and the emotional moments. I felt invested in the protagonist’s story. Korean movies, in general, excel at crafting emotionally impactful stories that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

They often center their narratives around well-developed characters. I felt a sense of sadness for the protagonist, but overall, I believe the actress did a commendable job.

Some of the action scenes were particularly impressive, and the villain was also well-portrayed. In conclusion, I found this movie to be highly entertaining. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this film or any other movie in the comments.

Today, I’m effortlessly producing content as I share my thoughts on the recently released Netflix film, Ballerina. This movie is a straightforward revenge story that revolves around our protagonist, Ukun, a former bodyguard seeking vengeance for her deceased friend.

As she embarks on her quest to uncover the culprit, the film exudes a John Wick-esque vibe with its high-octane action sequences and impeccable choreography. Through well-placed flashbacks, we gain insight into the deep bond between Ukun and her friend, fueling her determination to succeed in her mission.

The main antagonist, Choy, gradually reveals his true nature as Ukun delves deeper into her investigation, exposing his involvement in disturbing activities such as drugging and exploiting women. Witnessing the fate of her friend only intensifies Ukun’s anger and strengthens her resolve to eliminate this despicable individual.

The protagonist successfully captured the antagonist once, but now faces challenges from Troy’s associates. The movie lacks a complex storyline but excels at portraying emotions and features impressive cinematography and fight choreography.

The use of neon colors and a captivating soundtrack enhances the overall experience. While the movie could have been expanded into a miniseries to provide more depth, the ending leaves room for a possible sequel.

The flashbacks and the protagonist’s motivation to protect other women add depth to the story. Overall, it is a highly recommended movie, especially for Netflix viewers. Share your thoughts if you have watched it.