Review Of ‘The Dads’ Movie

 'The Dads'
‘The Dads’

The Netflix movie titled Old Dads seems to have missed a great opportunity in the costume department, as there wasn’t a single New Balance sneaker seen throughout the entire movie.

It has been fascinating to witness the rise of this actor, as he has appeared in various TV shows and movies. What caught my attention this time is that he is not only acting but also directing, which got me excited about this particular film.

R-rated comedies are becoming rare in today’s movie industry, and the ones that do exist often lack the edginess and fearlessness to offend. Fortunately, Bill Burr, the star of this movie, never holds back.

And I was expecting a film version of his stand-up routine, filled with his trademark rants about everyday annoyances. In essence, I anticipated a lengthy episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and that’s pretty much what I got.

The cast of “Old Dads” is worth mentioning, as the chemistry between the actors is crucial in movies like this. Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale, and Bokeem Woodbine are all charismatic individuals who complement each other well.

Burr stands out as the comedic standout, which is expected given his background, but Cannavale has also proven his comedic chops in the past. Woodbine, although not seen in many films, impressed in the second season of Fargo. All three actors get their time to shine in “Old Dads.”

Although I do wish that these performances were utilized in a comedy with a tighter and more captivating storyline, I still found this film to be entertaining enough.

However, I don’t believe it will become your next favorite comedy movie, especially for older dads, and you probably won’t feel the urge to watch it again. Nevertheless, the cast has great chemistry, and there are plenty of jokes throughout.

and it does have a decent amount of heart in its message. While it may not be as clever or unapologetic as Bill Burr’s previous works, it still carries his signature style and witty one-liners, making it an enjoyable choice for a Friday night movie on the couch.

Overall, I would give “Old Dads” a Sully score of three stars. What are your thoughts? Also, I’m curious to know what you consider the best comedy movie you’ve seen in the last five years.

The film features Bill Bar, Bobby Cannibal, and Bim Woodbine and is both written and directed by Bill Bar. Upon seeing the movie poster, the speaker initially thought that Dave Chappelle was also starring in the film due to Woodbine’s resemblance to him.

However, the speaker has since realized that Chappelle is not in the movie and that Bar plays the lead role of a middle-aged man with a son and a pregnant wife. The film follows Bar’s character as he navigates his everyday life, including his job at a company he sold to pay for his son’s education, with the help of his two best friends, played by Cannibal and Udbine.

This movie is a comedy that heavily relies on the humor of the writer, so if you’re not a fan of their style, you probably won’t enjoy it. However, if you do enjoy their comedy, you’ll likely find this movie hilarious.

The jokes and dialogue had the reviewer laughing out loud, especially since it pokes fun at the current trend of being “ultra-woke” on social media. It’s important to remember that this is just a movie and not real life.

So some of the scenes may seem unbelievable. Overall, the first act of the movie is quite funny, but the humor may not be for everyone. I wasn’t particularly invested in the last act of this movie, but I suppose that’s just how the story goes.

Overall, I enjoyed the first act up until the middle, where some of the jokes had me laughing out loud. It’s clear that the movie is from the protagonist’s point of view, and some of the things he says are true.

It doesn’t feel like it was written by a professional screenwriter. I do wish that the movie had followed a more typical comedy movie structure, as it felt more like a drama at times.

I found the movie to be somewhat enjoyable, although it had its flaws. While some of the jokes were quite funny, I felt that the overall quality of the movie was not that great.

It started off well, with a good portrayal of a father figure, but as it progressed, the excessive yelling and exaggerated scenes became a bit too much. I haven’t seen any of Bill Burr’s comedy before, so I can’t compare it to his usual style.

However, based on this movie alone, I think it’s just okay. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the movie in the comments. If you liked this review, feel free to check out my other reviews of different movies.