Stephanie and Erika Photo
Stephanie and Erika Photo

Stephanie and Erika Biography

Stephanie and Erika the reality tv stars who are cast members on the fourth season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. They are the first same-sex couple for the ’90 Day Fiancé’ franchise. Stephanie is a social media influencer from New York City while Erica is a photographer from Australia.

Stephanie and Erika Age

Stephanie is 30 years old while Erica is 26 years old.

Stephanie and Erika Real Names

Their full real names are Stephanie Matto and Erica Owens.

Stephanie and Erika Family

There is no much information involving their families. However, Matto’s mother is Czech and her father is American. The couple also revealed that they have not come out to their families yet.

Stephanie and Erika Net Worth

She earns an an estimated of $200,000.

Stephanie and Erika Ethnicity

Stephanie is of mixed ethnicity, half Czech and half American. Erica’s ethnicity is not yet clearly known.

Stephanie and Erika 90 Day Fiance

The couple met via Instagram after Stephanie responded to one of Erica’s Instagram stories. Since then they began talking more on Snapchat, Instagram as well as through voice messages. At the time when they met, they were both in relationships with men.

Stephanie and Erica finally decided to meet after about three months. Stephanie encouraged Erica to try out for the show because she was a fan and after being cast the couple decided to meet in Australia rather than the US because neither were out yet to their families.

On the show, going with teasers and interviews, some of the challenges the couple may face include the fact that Matto is suffering from an ailment. She was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which is a rare bone marrow ailment, four years ago.

The disease prevents her from being able to fly to Australia to meet up with Erika since traveling huge risks to her health. In one the teasers, Matto’s mother is heard telling her how unsafe traveling could be for her.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 Cast

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