The Life of a Single Parent in Africa

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Most of the single parents across the world are mothers. They either walk out of marriages/relationships due to abuse, lack of commitment, unrealistic expectations, and lack of meeting basic needs for the family. The mothers end up having the responsibility of taking care of the young kid(s) due to their tender age.

Although many organizations have come up to protect single mothers and also government laws, still the single mothers are the most affected since they are left with motherly duties without a source of income to feed their kids.

The distress and pressure to meet the family needs have left many single mothers as addicts who try to find comfort in alcohol and other drugs. In some continents like Africa where men are seen as more superior than women, they tend to put all the blame on women and leave them with the kids to punish them. The society also looks at the woman as the cause of her marriage/relationship failure.

Fifty percent of African daddies are just baby makers who provide very little or nothing to support their families. This has made many married women start a small business even with newborns on their hands to support the family. The man who is supposed to put a plate on the table comes late at night drunk and demands food.

Speaking with most married women across Africa, they proved that most of them are still in abusive marriages either due to the fear of raising their children alone or “what will people say”. This has left some with serious injuries due to physical abuse and some also have lost their lives while hoping that things will be better.

Challenges Single Mothers Face

Death Of a Partner

Most cases that lead to single mothers are the death of their spouse and it leads to loneliness. The single mother has been left with the burden of raising the child, Providing for her children, Clothing them, Educating the children, and Sheltering the children. Single mothers have to work extra hard in order to sustain their children’s needs.


Some of the parents demand divorce due to challenges they are facing hence the husband leaves the children and the burden is on the single mother. If the man was the one providing food, the single mother has to put more effort to take care of the children.

Financial Burden

Single mothers have taken loans and later they can not fulfill their burden hence it brings to Stress due to the Pressure. It is also an impact on a single mother’s mental health and the problems keep on coming and it seems that it is impossible to overcome them but single mothers can get help and improve their situation.

Husband Family Rejection

In most cases, a single mother is rejected by her husband’s family and it can be through, Divorce, Child Abuse, Substance abuse, mental Illness, Personality disorders, and Betrayal of trust in the family. When a parent or child begins to break away from the other, it can leave both parties feeling unprepared.

single-person adoption

Some single moms have adopted children hence they are prepared to take care of children, however, most of them end up broke hence it brings to serious problems that a single parent are Unable to do.

Factors that Lead to single Parenthood

Lower Income

Poverty is one of the factors that lead to single parenthood. A large percentage is that poverty in Fathers is higher than for mothers. Single mothers are much more likely to be in the crisis category than single fathers.

less time for the children

Most parents don’t take time to follow up on their children they only assume that their kids are okay hence they don’t interact much after parents are not at work. The child is more likely to misbehave for the day-to-day disciplinarian than for the parent who lives outside the home.

Young Parenthood

This is the main factor affecting Single Parenthood. Most single mothers have children when they are at a young age. The single mother must stop her education to take care of the child and providing for the children.

less emotional support

In most cases when one of the family members especially the father has challenges he will provide less support to the wife hence leading to a single Parenthood.

Higher levels of child victimization

Children face high chances of Exposure to abuse such as physical and sexual. This is brought by Neglectful parenting, parents don’t supervise their children. Child Victimization may also bring about ton Emotional Trauma and stress which is Being exposed to a traumatic event or experiencing constant stress can cause violent outbursts. Most children deal with anger and Aggression ¬†As children get older, however, they should be able to control their act aggressively in response to anger. As an example, not all children will be able to manage anger constructively, and for those like children who behave violently, the cause of the behavior needs to be identified so that the violence can not only be controlled but prevented as well.

Who Has Failed?


The governments have failed to enforce strict laws against violence in marriages and also the protection of both mothers and children. The government has also failed to put strict financial actions against baby daddies in the time of divorce or break up.


Parents have failed to teach their daughters to stand for themselves against any kind of abuse. They have also failed to educate their daughters that money and wealth do not define a stable relationship/marriage.

Parents have failed to educate their sons that its wrong to put their hands on women. Women deserve protection, care, and love. They have also failed to teach their sons that a partner or a wife is not a slave its a helper.

Parents have also failed to direct their children on what is right or wrong. They have failed to be able to control their children hence they become rude, arrogant and indisciplined.