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Williams (90 Day Fiancé)

Yolanda & Williams Biography

Yolanda & Williams, the reality television stars who are cast members on the fourth season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” The two connected on Instagram after Williams slid in Yolanda’s DMs. They have been together for seven months but they shockingly have never video chatted. 

This has worried Yolanda’s children that their mother might be getting catfished.

Yolanda & Williams Age

Williams is 42 years old while Yolanda is 52 years old.

Yolanda & Williams Family

Yolanda was married for 30 years. However, her husband, Dwayne, died. The couple had six children together and after losing her husband, she found comfort in them. This was until Williams contacted her through Instagram and they began dating.

Her children think she is being catfished and they have been vocal about it. “I’m happy for my mom, but I just want to protect her and know if this guy is really truthful,” Kara, her eldest child said.

Yolanda & Williams Ethnicity

Yolanda is African- American while Williams is British.

Yolanda & Williams Net Worth

The couple has an approximate net worth that ranges between $100-$1million U.S dollars.

Yolanda & Williams 90 Day Fiance

After her husband’s death, Yolanda decided to live a healthy life, since she weighed over 300 pounds. She ended up losing over 150 pounds and shared her journey on social media. That was when Williams reached to her after stumbling across her transformation. The two began talking and eventually dating. He is from England.

However, Yolanda is yet to see Williams in person since he claims his camera phone is broken every time she attempts to video-chat with him. She only has pictures of him that he sent. This has her daughter worried that her mother is being catfished; ” I’m just concerned that this guy is actually catfishing her,” she says in a clip.

In another promo clip, Yolanda is seen gushing over his British accent; “British accent is the sexiest accent in the world.” For me to have a man with it, I’m on Cloud 9.” She also opens up about their seven months of dating.

“The first few months, he never asked me for anything, but you know, my love.” However, he recently asked her if she could help him with the ticket since he was tired of talking on the phone and texting, and wanted to come to see her in the U.S. JHis request to be sent money was a red flag for Yolanda.

“It upset me a little because I didn’t expect him to ask me for money. I didn’t give him the money and I told him it’d be better if I come there to see him, ’cause I’m curious to see how he lives in England,” she said.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 Cast

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